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  • My Secret Weapon… — “It’s definitely my secret weapon! Cosmetic and implant cases have been easier to close since I’ve had my books. When I give patients a copy… it really seals-the-deal!”

— Dr. D. Santos

  • Instant Trust — “The patients and prospects who read the doctor’s book tend to trust her, before they even meet her for the first time!”

— Jenny S. Treatment Coordinator

  • Patients Now Come in Pre-Sold! — “Wow – this really works, they come into the consult with lots of great questions – book in hand – it’s like they’re already pre-sold.”

— Dr. Samuel G.

  • Response Has Been Incredible! — “I can’t believe our patients’ response so far – we’re almost out of books to hand out in the office already, and it’s only the first month.”

— Debbie Spence Office Manager

  • Perfect for Our Presentation Package... — “We’ve always had a great package we hand to the patient during a case presentation, now we’re adding my book and it’s really kicked it up even a notch higher!”

— Dr. Nancy F., CA

  • Easier For My Referring Docs — “I’m a specialist and I love giving books out to my referring Docs to give to the patients they send my way.”

— Dr. Patel, MI

  • Flying Off the Digital Shelves! — “I just got off the phone with the guy that does my website. We’ve had 9 people from our Google Ads download a digital version of my book this past month – so happy!”

— San Jose Dentist

  • What a Difference! — “I was at a local event for retirees and I was handing out my book instead of our 10-year-old practice brochure that we typically hand out — what a difference! The reaction has been unbelievable.”

— Dr. H. Gupta Note: Pre-Covid

  • Having My Book Has Opened Up More Conversations… — “My book has opened up more conversations about implants with patients in the first week than I have had all last year. I come into the op and I see they have taken one of my books – I immediately ask if they are considering implants for themselves or someone they know. This opens up a great conversation with them – I already have 2 implant consults booked in a couple of weeks because of asking them.”

— Dr. Jeffrey W., NY

  • Off to a Promising Start, I Can't Wait to Hand Out More! — “I had my social media person make a quick post on Facebook and Instagram announcing that my book was available and to come on in and grab a free copy. Three people have already come in. Who knows, maybe next they’ll take me up on my free consultation.”

— Dr. Jo-Ann V.

Dr. Charles Wolfe

from Easton, PA is one of our

“Outstanding Authors”!

Here’s Drs. Monroe and Adams

of Aurora, IL showing off their

“Outstanding Author” plaque.

Dr. Kal Khaled of Mississauga, ON has authored two books with us. One on Sedation and one on Dental Implants. The image shown above displays his sedation book.

Above: Dr. Raja Jang Sandhu has multiple practices and is the author of an implant book.

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